MISUNG STEVENSON - (Founding member/ Ottomen St Louis)
Founding member of the Ottomen. Plays on every Ottomen album, Wrote and Sings and plays guitar on 70% of the songs. Also responsible for cover art on Tennis Shoes of Love and Adventures at the Shore.
JIM CAMPBELL - (Founding member/ Ottomen NYC)
Plays bass, guitar, and make shift drums on first album and sings on most of the songs Misung doesnt. Moved to New York and formed Ottomen NYC

GEORGE GARCIA - (Classic Ottomen)
Drummer for the Ottomen since 1997 and lends vocals occasionally. His pastimes include painting still lifes as if they were landscapes and drawing Texans with unusually large heads. Hopes to move to New York with his wife to rejoin the Ottomen NYC

JUSTIN DICENZO - (Fouding Member)
Justin helped on early recordings, but his first Ottomen album appearance is on the new album, Foxx and Cotton Candy produced by him. Justin continues to play bass in the St Louis Ottomen.
ROLANDO OZUNA - (Original ottomen guest musician)
(Banjo player on Adventures at the Shore, stood in at the Ottomen Grand Emporium show in 1999.
ADAM BROWN - (Original ottomen guest musician)
Drummer for Jim's high School band John and Jim's band, he Played drums on the Ottomen's Adventures at the Store.
JOHN HOLLERAN -(ottomen St Louis) -
Better known as a member of the bandsThe Ambiguous "They" and Gerald Ford Died, John Joined the Ottomen when Jim and Dave moved to St Louis and continues to play in the St Louis Ottomen
MARIO VIELE - (ottomen St Louis)
The Newest Member, Mario joined to fill out the sound of the St Louis branch of the Ottomen. His RIPPING guitar stylings bring their live shows to life. Mario is also a member of the bands The Pubes, and The Sex Robots and runs the record label Roadhouse Tunes
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