NEW! FALSE WORLD (misung and the keyboards)
I am the shadow of your voice
i am the one who decides
if what you speak is the truth
or if it's all just lies

oh you've lied so many times
and you lost all your friends
tell me, is this how you want to live?

Now i've written a dialouge
for when you talk to that girl
so just read what i wrote
and just maybe she will
accept you for what you are
even though you are nothing
and i control all you say
(so say this with me now)

and if the sky is not concrete
and if a pillow is not stone
then we all must be living in a
false world

and if my head is still attached
and i have no soul
then we must be living in a false world

now i hear you stole a car
that belonged to a friend
and now that she's found out
you wonder why must this end?
and your chicken has grown cold
and has frozen to your plate
and now you realize now is too late

well life is so unfair so just leave it all up to me
i can talk you through anything most simply
and all you have to do is sit back and watch your
life fall apart face flat on the road

if the sun is not a baby's head
and the moon has no teeth
then we all must be living in a false world
and if a cat is not a dog
and purple is not read
then we all must be living in a false world

and if i do not wear a suit
and if i do not play the flute
then we all must be living in a false world

and if the girl does not kiss and the sun does not shine
then we all must be living in a false world

and if the milk is not blue and the lemons are not sweet
then we all must be living in a false world

and if we do not rise above and the teevee screen is blurred
then we all must be living in a false world

and if i cannot find my shoes, in this game we always lose
yeah we know we are living in a false world

*i woke up to the site of a television set flying past my window, i looked out and saw a small boy pointing a gun at me, i was surprised...and he said to me...

repeat long chorus

NEW! Song about a fridge
There are many things comin to this earth
not by uFo's but through birth
oh babies are born 18 days a week
that's so many it's so hard to think

if i had a child of my own
i would let the kid have his own home
So he would be happy cuz i know he wouldn't be
if he lived in a tiny pigsty home with me
I don't want to have a kid
but i'm sure glad my parents did
(repeat chorus a bunch o times)

Oh i nkow the kid would live in missouri
if he lived in a tinnnnnnnnnny pigstyy home with me
oh and i know he would be scared
when the house gets completely surrounded by grizzly bears
and he would be traumitized when i'd take him out to hunt
the rattlesnakes that slither out on our lawn
and we would both take sleep in a tree
to stay away from alllll those killer chimpanzeeeesssohhhhhhh

I want to go to japan and vist every foreign land
that is my destiny
i want to see korea
oh my god that would be a
fabulous place for me

But if i went to Asia
i would have to learn the language
Without it i would speak oh so bad
i could ask an asian or ask one of my friends
or maybe even ask my mom or dad to


I want to go to China
oh that would be a fine-a place to pick up a girl
She would know all the moves
dressed in her high heel hooves
togther we could travel the whole world

But if i had a girlfriend, our friendship would soon end
cuz i would ask her how to say chinese words
She would get frikkin mad and leave me in east bahgdad cuz i would ask her how to converse and for her to
Chorus repeat
solo etcc


Jeremy Mann
best friends with Paul Pham
Oh Jeremy Mann you know that we love you
Jeremy Mann, he draws with an artist's hand
he talks to the teachers and he loves to argue
Oh Jeremy Mann you are such a silly guy
and Jeremy Mann I never seen you wear a tie
Oh Jeremy Mann your butt sticks out when you walk around
Oh Jeremy Mann don't you feel down
no, Jeremy Mann don't you feel down
Jeremy Mann, he used to have an afro (two years ago)
When I laughed at him he got mad and kicked me in the toe
Oh Jeremy Mann, your name is spelled with two N's
I find that really strange but guess what? you're still
my friend.
Oh Jeremy Mann you're from a Texas town
Oh Jeremy Mann, you like to follow Amy Beth all around
you talk during classes and dance during the breaks it
makes us laugh for goodness sake Oh Jermey Mann we love you
yeah Jeremy Mann we love you, Uh..
Solo time
we like your drawings and we love your dance
you got hairy arms and you wear tight pants
Oh Jeremy Mann we love you, yeah Jeremy Mann
we love you...x2
Shake your booty for us Jeremy Mann x4

* RoBiN ThE iNdIaN

His name was Robin the Indian
he was no mexican
he was everybody's favorite friend of all x2
i saw him riding a horse
far out on the plains
he was strapped with a bow and arrow
He turned around and looked at me
he sat there so sternly
as he watched the herd of buffalo
go go go go go go
His name was Robin the Indian
he was no mexican
he was everybody's favorite friend of all x2
What tribe is he I do not know
is he apache or Navajo
is he Meskwaki or Eskimo?
well I know deep in his heart
he is truly a part of his own tribe
yeah we all know him as robin the indian
His name was Robin the Indian
he was no mexican and he's everybody's favorite friend of all
His name was Robin the Indian
he was no mexican and he's our favorite friend
Let's spell out his name now
R-O-B-I-N x2
Chorus repeat


i have skeletor..but now I want He Man
I have man at arms but now I want He Man
i said mom if you don't give him to me
i'm never gonna reach puberty
i'm just gonna sit and cry all the time
I'm gonna make your life..miserable
i want HE man
(He want's he man) x4
I don't want She Ra NO!! I want He man
I don't care about Battle Cat HE'S NO GOOD!!
without He man
He man is such a strong guy
if he were superman he could fly
he's got those awesome German blue eyes yeah
I wannn------tttt He man
(He wants He man) x4
solo time
I have the flying guy
but now I want he man
I have man-e-faces but now I want He-Man
I said "mom will you take me to the store?"
she says "no way I'm not going to buy you any more
of those stupid action figures!" so I threw her
out the window oh
I want he man (He wants he man) x4
Improvisation ending

*The Land of Nephrandon

Many Many Years ago before the land was full of
murky creatures
before dinosaurs before the ice age
before the many human features
a land was made and done
right below the sun
it only weighed one ton
called the land of Nephradon
Well earth then was created
while Nephrandon sat vacant
but before earth little creatures ran wild
before christians before satan
Oh Nephradon was great
there was no lust or hate
and people got things done
in the Land of Nephrandon
solo (as always)
Earth then grew bigger, grew stronger
and Nephrandon then was no longer
a place of fun but a place of sadness
becaue earth stole all of it's gladness
the land it was no more
it vanished in the storm
it had nothing to keep it warm
it grew cold and lost it's form
Neprandon x4

(RAP #4)

How are ya'll doing out there?
Ah yeah..ready to get busy? yeah
1 2 3
(funky monkey)
C'mon y'all ah just C'mon yall
you can feel the funky beats pumping off the walls
gonna rock it right now like you wish you could
gonna tear down the house like it was made out of wood
you see I'm Monkey Boy D as lanky as can be but you see
I get all the fine ladies
I'll rap em and I'll rock em till the dawn of the light
cause I'm vicious most vicious MC rapper tonight
I can take superman and knock him out cold
I can take all your laundry and teach you how to fold
I can right different rythmes cause I am so bold
I'm the baddest funky freak and I've never been told to
stop the beat, stop, stop the beat oh I can make you
feel the heat..steaming up all the glasses in the house
you better watch it man, i'm ready to pounce ..uh
get higher get higher float up to the sky
I'm gonna pump the beats hard until you die
I'm never ever gonna stop until my DJ breaks I'm gonna
rap all night no matter how long it takes
c'mon do the freak and do the slide
and put your hands over your eyes
and wiggle your neck like a snake in a trance
ah yeah now your doing the monkey boy dance
c'mon shake your arms high in the air
c'mon put your feet in your hair
c'mon grab a partner with your toes
c'mon stick your finger up their nose
c'mon sing along with my funky noise
and hip hop around like you have no choice
and listen to my rythmes while I rock ya hard
and I'll follow you around like a musical bard
and if you do not like my soul pumping in your ear
take a hike little kid we don't need ya here
we don't need you all to scream and shout we got
MC Bear to tear it all out
I'm MC Bear the melodious monk
I'll take you all and make you feel the funk
I'll rock ya morning evening noon and night
I'll take off my pants make you die of fright
cause I'm hairy, yeah I'm scary, I'm so hairy I'll never marry
I eat cherries and eat berries I got beats here them carry
all across the room all across the house
I'm gonna tear these mother suckas out cause I'm slick
gonna flick my sweat at you now heres Monkey Boy D to
rock the rythmes so true
What's up what's up what's up ya'll?
What's up what's up what's up ya'll?
I am only 6 feet tall
and I can see over the Berlin wall
I went to Berlin, knocked the walls down
Got all the ladies in the mother freakin town then
we partied on with all my charm I began to farm, Fillet I'm back on my funky feet gonna tell you a little story
It starts way back when I was whack now I don't want to bore ya
see back in the day I used to play with all the little kids
but i was too tall to play baseball so this is what i did (what'd ya do?)
I rapped through the streets of St Louis and rapped all night long
I rapped so fine, I was divine everyone wanted to hear my song
then I met MC Bear with his jerry curl he said "Hey let me rap wit you?"
I said "alright" now here we are tonight to rock the rythme so true
MC Bear Go!
I'm back again with my pint of gin
gonna take you back to where we begin
gonna rock the beat out to the very end
gonna eat collate greens with Fried Chicken
the notes are blasting while I'm broadcasting
across the USA
Now it's time to go..we got a show in a different state
if you wanna stay that's really okay I do not mind at all
I'm gonna go to Disney LAnd and try to climb the wall
(Bunch of talking)


I went to a bar and I said to the lady "gimme a drink!"
she said we don't have coffee or tea in here she said you
better go find a different cafe shop
I said "I don't wanna"
i said "I don't wanna"
I said "I don't wanna"
she said "she don't wanna know!"
Walking on outside everybody says that I'm talking too much
about my mom about my dad everybody says I'm talking about
but everybodies not the same..NO
I want some MAyo
i won't be left alone
I want some MAyo
MAyo, I said I won't go
I want some mayo
I want some MAYO!!!!


Jimmy Muffet and Sadie MArie
were both enjoying a nice cup of tea
when suddenly with quite a surprise
a roach popped out with buggy ole' eyes
Jimmy screamed and Marie Yelled
they tried to run but instead fell
down the hill down to the town
and now everybody calls them the two tea clowns

JImmy Muffet and Sadie Marie were now much much more than angry
"revenge!!" they cried and "kill!!" they called
"Let's take the town, let's destroy them all!!"
They ran down the streets in endless rage
killing priest, doctors and the supreme mage
then they hopped on their horses and went back up on the hill
and that's when Jimmy began to feel ill He said
"I've been shot my Sadie Marie"
Go now and bring me my last cup of tea."
but it was too late, Jimmy he was dead
and poor Sadie Marie just dropped her head (She was sad, really sad)
She wept for days, weeks, months and years,
crying out each and everyone of her tears
then she moved away that very same day across the sea
so far away
She never forgot her Jimmy Muffet love
thinking of him while holding his glove
the only thing Jimmy left behind
Now Jimmy is the only thing in her mind
Sadie Marie died heart broken and sad
that's the result of being so bad
repeat till end

*Japanimation Girl*

I've seen her-eyes yes I have-they looked at me-so I told Dav'-I know she's got-Japanimation Eyes-They've made me-Made me realize-I think I love-Japanimation Girl-She's got my-head in a whirl-her face-was greatly understated-but her love-I anticipated-sailor...sail to venus-sail to Mars-sail to murcury-sail to Jupiter-oh yeah-Ive seen her-Eyes Yes I have-la,la,la,la...etc


I'm not here-or I'm not answering the phone so if you like-you can leave a message at the tone-I know a place where it gets cold- I know a place where your soul can be sold-way up North in Alaska-is where your soul can be sold for only 20 dollars and a brick of Gold-You know not a place where it is hot-You know not a place where your soul will rot-and its way up north in Alaska-Thats where your soul will rot-for only 20 dollars and a brick of gold-hooh-hah-hooh-hah (repeats bits of first verse)

*Mr. Rogers*

my name is Mr rogers an I'm onTV every day

*Christmas #4(from the Dancer
Dave Christmas sampler)*

Its gonna be a Rock and roll Christmas-I've got my snowboots on-my bags are packed cause santa knows the facts so won't ya just ride along-its gonn be a rock n roll Christmas-and if you know what's good for you-you get some new sow tires-Travis is a liar-and they'll fit good as glue-Sunday we'll rent a new toboggan-and we'll race it up and down in the fog-we'll be eating snow in the afterglow with our neibor's ATV and his dog-and then we'll head on down to Brooklyn-and we'll buy a 50 dollar car-we'll find a bank of snow and then we'll go,go,go-slide around and crash real hard(chorus)If you've got a dollar r two we'll head down to the arcade-we'll put our nickels in and our heads will spin-like my teacher Carl McDade-last of all we'll see a punk rock show-around two or three a.m.-my ears will ring-Bing Crosby!Bing! like no one's ever been (chorus)

*Little Man*

Little man now don't ya be sad-theres lots of people 'round who are shorter than you are-little man now don't ya be sad-you're only 3 foot tall but then again are'nt we all-you keep your own socks in your closet-you keep your own rocks in your drawer-you're keepin' your friends outside don't you hear them-knock,knock,knockin on your door- i can hear your phone ding-a-linging-I can hear"White Christmas" Binging-Sleigh bells are numbing to my ears -makin me deaf till the new year appears(chorus)-from here you look just like Bill Hiccock-the way you shoot your gun at night-Encyclopedia Brown they call me -the wy I see life through my 3 dementional sight-go!-I see you hidin' there in your room-why don't you come out and share some of your gloom-he would have shot himself there in the head-but he said it's not quite so funny when you're dead(chorus)

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