WOWEE! the Ottomen stuff is on sale!!!!
send $4.00 each (for cds) (includes Shipping and handling) to The Ottomen, 130 Eagle st apt 2 Brooklyn, NY 11222. We now accept CREDIT and DEBIT cards!! email Jim for info on how to order!

Daves Solo project Misung and the Keyboards; Dahm Yoh -now available on CD and Tape, but you gotta get this from Dave himself! We cant help you here. Im sure he'd give you a copy for a couple dollars or a mix tape you made for him.Why dont you email ask him yerself!

Here it is! The Ottomen
"Adventures at the Shore! " Now you can own it on tape for the lowdown price of return postage! send your name and address to the address above.
If you're too poor too afford the cost of return postage, write in 50 words or less why you want a free tape, and we'll send you one anyway.
Compact discs of "Shore" are also available. if you want the cd version, send 4.00 dollars to the above address.The album has 25+ tracks and has been getting rave reviews, order yours today!

The Ottomen (self titled aka Tennis Shoes of Love)- includes bonus quicktime movie for most computers!

The Ottomen Live @ Beaux Arts 1998. A must have for those who were there. The very first Ottomen performance! Recorded directly through the PA, so play it loud and it'll be like living that day all over again!

The Ottomen Mix Cd. bassically a greatest hits cd produced exclusively for Frank Black of the Pixies(check out his comments about it on the main page). It includes rare tracks as well as tracks from the other 3 cds.!!INTERNET EXCLUSIVE!!!

Adventures at the Store-the first cd. before george was in the band, so it features Jim and dave hitting things with sticks and a guest appearance by New Drummer (Super Tuff)Adam Brown of John and Jim's Band fame.


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