The James and The Giant Peaches -1996
The First tape By Jim and Dave. Featured Justin Dicenzo. Several of the better songs resurfaced on The Ottomen -Adventures at the Store. Please contact if you have a copy of the cover and song list.
Adventures at the Store -1997
Features Jim, Dave, and Adam Brown.
1.The George and timmy theme 2.T.j.'s Intro 3.Polished Floors at the Store 4.He Man 5.Animal Improv 6.The Animal Kingdom 7.The Gremlins Theme 8.Puppy Dog 9.Puppy Dog 10.Dave's Rap 11.I Just Needed a Friend 12.Mayo 13.Happiness 14.Unamplified Guitar Song 15.Little Man 16.Thanks Be to the Willing *My First Sony

Kahuzi Snacks Demo -1997
Demo Disc of songs in progress as of fall 1997
1.1-2-3 2.Dave's Dad and Ed(demo version) 3.On Time is When I get There (demo version) 4.Intermission 5.Intermission (remix) 6.Here Comes Sadie Marie 7.I want to go to Japan 8. japanimation Girl(movie version) 9. Jeremy Mann (demo version) 10. Cheering 11. Mayo 12.Nephrondon 13.Hey Sonny boy

The Ottomen Live @ Beaux Arts 1998
The first live Ottomen performance as a full band - Epperson Auditorium Kansas City Art Institute
1.Rappers Delight (Sugar Hill Gang cover) 2.Jeremy Mann 3.Japanimation Girl 4. Robin the Indian 5.The Animal Kingdom 6.I Want to Go to Japan 7.He-Man 8.Get Off the Bus 9.Little Man 10.The Land of Nephrondon

The Ottomen (self titled aka Tennis Shoes of Love) - 1998
The first full length Ottomen album as a full band - George Garcia on Drums
1.The ottomen Theme 2.Japanimation Girl 3.Robin the Indian 4.He-Man 5.Dave's Dad and Ed 6.Get Off the Bus 7.Jeremy Mann 8.The Ballad of Sadie Marie 9. I Want to Go to Japan 10.Christmas#3 11.Intermission 12.On Time is When I get There 13.Mayo 14.The Land of Nephrondon 15.In Alsaka 16.My Name is Mr. Rogers and Im on TV every Day 17.Pigeons and Humans
Robin the Indian Single -1998
Promotional single for Tennis Shoes of Love
1.Robin the Indian 2.Intermission(remix) 3.Here Comes Sadie Marie 4.The Happening(pixies cover)
The Ottomen Mix Cd. -1998
sort of a best of so far
1.Robin the Indian 2.Japanamation Girl 3.He-Man 4.In Alaska 5.Mayo 6.Christmas#3 7.The Ottomen Theme 8.Pigeons and Humans 9.Animal Improv 10.The Animal Kingdom 11.Happiness 12.Unamplified Guitar Song 13.Anyo 14.The Gremlins Theme 15.I Want to go to Japan 16.Get off the Bus 17.The Land of Nephrondon 18.Little Man 19.Dave's Dad and Ed 20.Intermission(remix) 21.Medly (Here Comes Sadie Marie)

Adventures at the Shore! -1999
The Final Album first version - limited edition

Adventures at the Shore! -2000
The final Album remastered
1.Back to the Past 2.Bill The Robot 3.Budget Rap 4. Tennis Shoes of Love 5. U-Mass(pixies cover) 6.Song about a Fridge 7.Sittin' on the Sun 8.New York City Girl 9. Blood Red Socks 10.Pirate's Holiday 11.Praise the King 12.Cha Cha Cha 13.Cloudy Day 14.Of Sea and Salt and Coral Reef 15.Ryan and the Knee 16.Surfin El Niño 17.I Got Your Number 18.6ft Creature 19.In Canada 20.Burrito #3115 21.Walk Out 22.Weed Trouble 23.Tragé-T 24.Last Song 25. **

Misung and the Keyboards; Dahm Yoh - 2000
First (post Ottomen) solo album by Dave Stevenson
1.Glass ó Water 2.The Proffesor and the Madman 3.Computerized Astronaut 4.Lo-Fi Blues 5.A Day off from Life 6.Tech-School 7.King Kong DIED 8.Amphibious Assault 9.Toss Da Mike 10.WHo Needs Money$? 11.Robot Man Theme 12.Grand Dad's Car 13.Drug Money 14.Gospel of Andy 15.Manage it (punk!) 16.Down,Sun 17.Trumpet Man 18.Carribean Mexican 19.False World (European) 20.She's Fast (Asleep)

Foxx and Cotton Candy - 2002
First Ottomen (Mid America)featuring and produced by Justin Dicenzo
1. A day in a Life's Day 2. Mossman 3. Alphabet Orgy 4. Bass Montage 1 5. Korean Boy 6. Hotel Baggage 7. No Better State 8. Discover Outdoors 9. Reactor Ground 10. Sam The Cat 11. Seat Rap 12. Bluebird 13. Magnet Artist 14. Bass Montage Deux 15. Charlie Horse 16. Destroy Destrction 17. Korean Interlude 18. Goth Boy 19. Short Changed

*hidden tracks

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