The Ottomen New York have become
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heres info from the previous incarnation

a split 7 " on Beard records

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it's only 4 bucks or !!FREE!! with the purchase of the new MEATHAUS 7!

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what is this record? Well its mostly an Ottomen NYC project as it doesnt feature the entire ST louis lineup, but this is what it does have:

ONE FINE TRACK of collaborative effort between Impalers frontman "Sadman" Vlad Zimakov, Jim DC, and Misung Stevenson! ONE BODACIOUS SONG with music by Jim, Vocals by Misung, and a spediferous solo bu Justin Dicenzo, ONE FLAVOR BURSTING COMPOSITION written and recorded by Jim with a fancy bass line by JOHN TER LOUW of John and Jim's band fame, AND ONE BONUS SCRATCHABLE DRUM TRACK FOR ALL YOU DJ TYPES.

ANd THATS not to mention the awesome power of ANcient Justice taking over the b side with the amazing instant song writing rockingness they have been known for and youve come to expect.

mp3! song written by Luca the amazingly talented ottomen cat

Thanks to everyone who came to see the Ottomen Karaoke show in Brooklyn
...see some images from it here..


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